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Here are some awesome projects I've worked on!

Responsible for all parts of animation and design. Software: Cinema 4D (Project Status: WIP)

This is a promo video for Lucky's Any Which Way Adventure. The goal was to get kids to vote on a brand new Lucky Charm's cartoon. I animated the text and graphics, excluding Lucky's walk cycle and dance loop.  I was responsible for motion tracking the opening shot as well.  Clients: General Mills, BatteryPOP

Digital Ad for TYLENOL®.  I designed and animated the graphics in this video. The goal was to inform viewers about the importance of sleep and its health benefits.  Client: TYLENOL®

This animation was created for Super Sprowtz RAW, a weekly cooking show for kids. It was a fun, playful way of educating kids on why nasunin (which is found in eggplants) is good for your brain. I worked with the production team and storyboarded, illustrated, and animated this segment.  Music by Verbal Ase.

This screensaver/backdrop was created for Dom and Katie's wedding ceremony.  They wanted to turn their invite card into an animated screensaver.  This screensaver played in between their slideshow and videos at the ceremony and reception.  It also served as a neat backdrop for their 8-foot LED panel.  

Animations by Olu Ogunye Jr.  

Original Designs by Griffinbell Paper Co.

Music:  Inner Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (  Source:  Artist:

A cool highlight reel from Super Sprowtz!  I designed and animated the motion graphics and illustrations from 00:00 - 00:48.

This title opener was created for Season 1 of Super Sprowtz RAW, a cooking show for kids.  Each hand in the video represents one of the veggie-superhero puppets created by Super Sprowtz.  I designed and animated this opening from start to finish.

Triple-Wide Screen Video

This video was created for The Gathering Church's Agents of G.R.A.C.E. message series.  Each letter in the word "GRACE" is an acronym that represents the core values of The Gathering Church.  The video was created at 1920 x 480 resolution to display on their triple-wide screen.  I designed the Agents of G.R.A.C.E. logo and animated the entire video from start to finish.  Music by Illumination.


This meme was created for The Gathering Church's Back To Church Sunday theme.  I directed, shot, and edited the video.  Music:  LeCrae, "I Wouldn't Know"

This is a mock music video that I shot and edited. It tells the story of a drug addict who finds redemption through his faith in God.  Music:  LeCrae, "Release Date" 

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"Saving the world one frame at a time." 
- Super Olu -