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"Saving the world one frame at a time."  

- Super Olu -


Olu Ogunye Jr. was born in Newark, New Jersey to Nigerian parents, but spent most of his childhood growing up in the culturally-diverse township of Union, NJ.  In 2010, Ogunye (pronounced "oh-goon-yay") graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and a concentration in pre-medicine.  His initial plan was to attend medical school, but after taking an animation course at Georgetown University, Ogunye re-discovered his passion for animation. 

Since the age of ten, Olu (pronounced "oh-loo") had dreams of becoming an artist.  He loved creating cartoon characters--exploring their personality and environment through art and storytelling.  However, growing up with traditional Nigerian parents who worked in the medical field made achieving his dreams difficult.  But as Olu learned more about the animation industry, he realized that this was where he belonged. 

Upon graduating from Georgetown, Olu cancelled his application to medical school and enrolled into the Computer Art, Animation & Visual Effects program at the School of Visual Arts.  There he completed his first CG-animated short film entitled Clowning Around.  This film was featured in the Short Film Corner at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and was accepted into the Malta Film Festival for Children.  In addition, It was listed in the Top 100 People's Choice category of The Rookies 2016 competition.  

Olu (also known as Super Olu) continues to build his career as an artistic creator of many sorts--animation, motion graphics, videography, digital art.  His artistic abilities are boundless and simply driven by his passion to create fun, uplifting, and at times thought-provoking content.

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"Saving the world one frame at a time." 
- Super Olu -